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Playa Del Carmen (MEXICO)

Gặp du khách Canada tại Playa Del Carmel

"Fifth Avenue"

phơi nắng trên nệm

Massage ngay sau khách sạn nhìn ra biển

Playa del Carmen
(Xaman Ha' or Pláaya in Modern Maya) is a balneario resort city just south of Cancún on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, in the northeast of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The city is the seat of the Solidaridad municipality. In the 2010 census, the city had a population of 149,923 people and it is rapidly growing in population. It is the third largest city in Quintana Roo, after Cancún and Chetumal.

Playa del Carmen, or just "Playa", has one of the most laid-back main steets in the Americas. Avenida Quinta, or "Fifth Avenue" is all pedestrian for 2 miles, a line of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops that can be walked without fear of cars. The restaurants to the north, in the neighborhood of Little Italy, are of exceptional value. This area has undergone rapid development over the past two years with many new luxury residential condominium buildings, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues. Currently there are plans to develop six luxury boutique hotels, several internationally recognized chain restaurants including PF Changs, Hard Rock Cafe, Ruth's Chris and the Cheesecake Factory as well as a small upmarket shopping plaza offering designer boutiques, a small cinema, luxury condominiums and the first international House of Blues entertainment venue. El Palacio de Hierro has also begun construction of a luxury department store at the corner of "Fifth Avenue" and Constituyentes.

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