mardi 19 juin 2012

ACP2012 Congress at University of Calgary (KĐ)

Vài hình ảnh về hội nghị ACP 2012 được tổ chức ở
Đại Học Calgary từ 10-06 đến 16-06-2012 với sự tham dự của khoảng 600 khoa học gia.
Trong kỳ họp này Kim Đoan đã trình bày đề tài (KD presentation with the title) " Structure, magnetic and phonon behaviors of double perovskite Nd2NiMnO6 ".

 Campus of University of Calgary

Những phòng họp
Giờ giải lao

Đến xem poster của Maryam người thắng giải về posters 

Banquet (KĐ và ông bà Henry van Driel (U of Toronto) president of ACP 2011)
ông bà Heureux (U of Ottawa) 

                                                                    Herzberz Conference

Đi thăm Rothney Astrophysical Observatory do ACP tổ chức

 Kim Đoan được chụp hình

Visiting the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

Located on a hilltop in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the University of Calgary's Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (RAO) is a facility dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the Universe and educating the public about the wonders of Astronomy. Our site provides easy access from Calgary and an unobstructed view of the entire night time sky. By day, we boast stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Come visit us and learn amazing things about astronomy and space science!

Quick Facts about the RAO

Did you know...

. . . that the RAO has one of the BIGGEST telescopes in Canada?
That's right!  The 1.8 meter diameter of the A.R. Cross Telescope's primary mirror completes the set of the three largest telescopes in Canada. The other 1.8 meter telescopes are located near Victoria, BC at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory  and in Richmond Hill, Ont. at the David Dunlap Observatory .  Like these, the ARCT observes the universe in the visible part of the spectrum, but its specialized secondary mirror and InSb detector also makes it the largest infrared telescope in the country.
. . . that the RAO's Clark-Milone Telescope is remotely controllable via the internet?
That's right! The 0.41 meter CMT is commomly used by researchers and students from the University campus.  The CMT also has a piggy-back 0.36 meter telescope equipped with a wide-field color CCD camera - perfect for science teachers who want their students to experience astronomical imaging right from their schools!
. . . that the RAO has telescopes and detectors for studying the Suns magnetic activity, and the dynamics of hydrogen gas in the spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy?
That's right! The RAO's "Cube" is home to a computer controllable 0.36 meter telescope, and with special narrow-band filters, solar activity can be explored.  Also, the 3.3 meter radio telescope detects gas clouds in the interstellar medium, and allows a measurement of their speeds.  With it, the gravitational influence of dark matter in our galaxy can be detected.
. . . that the RAO has a 2200 square foot Interpretive Centre with educational displays about astronomy?
That's right! The 2200 sq foot Interpretive Centre includes a state-of-the-art classroom facilities including video conferencing equipment, an outdoor amphitheatre area, and educational displays about astronomy and space science.
Please note: The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory is owned and operated by the University of Calgary. The observatory site is private land and we are only open to the public during the posted event times.

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